Like it is ...

Simple.Natural.Timeless in b/w!

A great photo needs no color. It thrives from light.

Marius Lange-Grumfeld, born 1976 as Schmidtke, is a German photographer and artist from Detmold, Germany. Marius is self-taught and hasn’t ever had classical photography training. Beside this Marketing profession, he was responsible for various creative projects. Inspired by the works of Anton Corbijn, Alan Schaller and Ragnar Axelsson he is focussing creatively on photography since 2013. Marius Lange-Grumfelds focus are natural portraits, moments and landscapes.

He works in black-and-white to highlight particularly each motifs core. The eye for details characterizes him. Hereby he makes a point of simplicity. There is no autofocus, no zoom, no flash, no artificial lights, no assistance. It’s just him, a camera and a prime lens. Working completely manual allows him to create exceptional results.

The goal is soul. Emotions instead photos.


In this world with A.I. taking over our humanity more and more everyday it is nice to see photographs with ‘soul’.  Photos communicate and reflect this special ‘spiritual’ connection between the photographer and the subject whether it be it humans, animals or natural scene in a very organic and beautiful way. Even animals like Rocky seemed relaxed enough to allow glimpse into his eyes and wonder.


2022 – Lapland
2018 – South Africa
2016 – Finland
2015 – Hawaii
2014 – Iceland
2013 – Scandinavia
Feel that tingling in your fingertips? That’s the magnetic urge to ...
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